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Omnipod Disposal

We are very excited to update you with the latest information from Insulet about their fantastic Omnipod Disposal Programme.

Please download the document below explaining the full details on how to safely dispose of your used Omnipods. The scheme is much more environmentally friendly than other disposal methods.

You will need to register your details with Insulet by calling them on 0800 011 6132. Once registered, you can order the disposal boxes via email in the future.


Travel with devices

We have had comments and messages about people having issues traveling with devices so we have some useful tips for you:

  • Always carry a doctor’s letter stating that you have Diabetes and what medication/devices you are wearing or carrying.
  • Keep your Diabetes equipment separate and inform the security staff that you have medical supplies.
  • The Podder Resource Guide below has specific information about travel with Omnipods (pages 31-32)
  • The guide below also has quick and easy to understand information about what the Pod and PDM are. It might be useful to print this out to have when traveling to help security staff understand the devices (pages 4-5)
  • It is recommended that you carry your Freestyle Libre User guide (in the original box) to give staff more information about the device.
  • Omnipods and Freestyle Libres CAN be worn through body scanners. You should always carry spare replacement devices when traveling just in case anything goes wrong but Insulet (Omnipod) and Abbott (Freestyle Libre) have informed us there is no evidence that body scanners cause issues.
  • Your PDM and Libre Reader should go through the baggage scanner, not the body scanner.
  • Ensure you carry extra supplies of everything, including all medication, replacement devices, batteries and hypo treatment. You should always travel with injections/pens even if you use a pump.
  • The Freestyle Libre Reader should be deactivated during flight, and your phone should be put into Flight Safe mode. The Libre should not be scanned for the duration of the flight. There is no need to remove the device from your body.
  • The built-in strip port on the Freestyle Libre Reader can be used to take blood glucose or ketone readings during flight. Turn on the reader by inserting a test strip. Turning on the reader with the Home Button will activate the radio.

A day in the life

Hi everyone, I’m Steph. I am the chairperson of Diabetes Guernsey, a mum of one and a paediatric speech and language therapist. I was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 8, so will soon be celebrating my 22-year diaversary (yes, there will be cake). Here is a snapshot of my life at the moment!

I have an early wake up from my 17-month-old daughter. I quickly have time to scan my Libre before I get her up! I remember to take my tablets (for insulin resistance and my thyroid condition) and make a coffee to wake up. As usual, I’m doing too many things at once and forget to do my insulin until I’m halfway through breakfast, cue the mid-morning sugar spike!

It gets to dinner time and I realise I haven’t checked my blood enough today, or had enough water (a big factor for me in sugar control), but luckily, I remembered to do my insulin at lunch so things aren’t looking too bad!

I finish the day doing a bit of work, eating a few handfuls of chocolate buttons (I’m only human) and hoping to get to bed early enough to get my 8 hours (haha).

I find my diabetes hugely frustrating some days and other days it goes smoothly. I get annoyed for forgetting, not testing enough and eating the wrong things, but I always try to remind myself that I can’t do it all, and for now, while life is hectic, I just need to do my best!

Support group sessions

Peer Support Coffee Mornings

Our peer support coffee mornings continue on the last Saturday of the month at The Hideaway (Moore’s Hotel). 10.30-11.30AM.

Come along to meet like-minded people and talk about diabetes! All coffee mornings are for people with both T1D and T2D.

25th January
29th February
28th March
25th April
30th May
27th June
25th July
29th August
26th September
31st October
28th November